About Company

We are official member of Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Haifa and the North


The company “Norland ” dates back to 2007 and is one of the leading distributors of food in Israel, a reliable operator in the field of import and distribution.
our competitive advantages:
-10 summer tradition of working with all distribution channels and supplies in Israel
– Highest coverage, only active customer base
– Long-term successful experience of cooperation with retail and wholesale networks

the Main activities of the company “Norland”:
– direct and indirect distribution
– professional importation of food products to Israel
– cooperation with major retail chains.

The company “Norland” provides a full complex of services in the field of distribution in Israel
Distribution map covers most of the country
Many thousands of clients are provided with system distribution in all regions of the country.
As the leading distributor of Israel, the company sells products both directly and through national and regional retail networks of partners.
Distribution is a necessary and important process that should be implemented at a high professional level. “Norland” does its best to constantly improve the quality of its service, improve efficiency and provide partners and customers with a truly high service distribution.
Our company offers a new model of work in the market of distribution of food. The company offers its clients a unique scheme of work, which has no analogues in the market.
We constantly carry out the complex analysis of branch of deliveries of food, and our company created the unique scheme of work. At each stage of the work we are based on the interests, goals and objectives of the client. The main goal for our team is to increase the profit and sales of our customers and partners.
The main focus to date, our team is doing on the independent retail, on the implementation of joint programmes with food manufacturers to retail chains and at the wholesale and regional sales segment.
We offer effective solutions and provide first-class service!
We become a confident leader-a link between manufacturers and retail chain stores.
Today, the key market segment for our company is food. We offer a wide range of various food products demanded by the end user. A fundamental part of the company’s strategy is to find and distribute only the most popular and high-quality food.
Our strategy is based on up-to-date information on demand and trends in various food markets, so we are able to form an optimal and necessary range. Target segments of our company are network, independent retail, and interaction with other distribution companies.
The company currently distributes food products in Israel, as well as the supply of large quantities of goods to all regions of the country.
We work ahead of the market, developing new segments and forecasting its future needs.
Our team strives to raise the existing market standards of service to retail and wholesale customers to a higher level, offering its customers a range of services for the supply of exclusively high-quality products of the widest range at affordable prices.

Today our company offers its clients and partners:
A wide range of popular food products (flour confectionery, sugar confectionery, grocery)
Flexible pricing system
Marketing and information support of clients
Commodity credit
Fast delivery time at a convenient time for the client

the company Mission
– We provide customers with the highest level of service, providing them with goods and services
– The scale, success and experience of our partners motivate us to constantly use the best technologies and develop the team
– Following these principles, we invest the income of our business, first of all, in the prosperity of our partners and the professional growth of our employees
the company Values
– To be proud of the title of employee of our company
– Develop yourself and strengthen your unit
– Build open and honest relationships
the Efficiency
– Do more with less
internal client orientation
– Respectful attitude
– Mutual assistance in achieving the Company’s goals.