Our company opens a new direction, i.e. import of high-quality foreign food into Israel.
As one of the leading importers of the country, our company is a diversified enterprise with a great track record. We strive for high achievements in sales development and promotion of foreign manufacturers’ trademarks. We will ensure the import of only high-quality, proven goods, taking care of the domestic market and end consumer.
Despite the qualitative and quantitative growth of the domestic food industry, import to our country is not only a positive phenomenon for a healthy turnover, but also diversifies the range of goods in stores, and encourages domestic manufacturers to «catch up» the level of the best manufacturers or bear and far abroad.

Imports to Israel: Challenges and Prospects

NORLAND as one of the rapidly developing Israeli companies will ensure the whole range of events aimed at delivery of the goods to the largest trade network in the country. Our professional and experienced staff provides a highly organized and high-quality service. Our work experience guarantees a fast and effective solution of goods imports problems to Israel. We are doing everything possible to bring the country market to the highest level, to provide our citizens with a broad range of high quality-goods at adequate prices, and to establish flow of goods between manufacturers and retail chains.
Our company efforts are aimed at ensuring:
Imports of foods from the near and far abroad countries by road and rail.
Optimization of trade and financial flows.
Provision of a full range of PR-services aimed at sales promotion.

Also, our experts will assist you in assessment of market factors, including:

— Market size.
The lesser potential consumers in the market, the shorter the distribution chain should be, and vice versa, the more consumers, the longer chain can be afforded by the manufacturer.

— Market density.
The higher the concentration of consumers in a particular area, the more agents can be used in the chain.

— Market volume.
When sale of large volumes of foods is planned in the territory, a longer chain should be used, for example, in order to ensure the adequate stock.