Research and analysis of the distribution market

The planned development is not possible without a competent analysis of the possible non-standard situations, so our experts will help you with this and prepare everything required for not to have difficulties with the following during the entire period of cooperation:
— market type determination – during the market research, it is required, first of all, to determine the market type for each product or service. In the course of selection of a market suitable for the business and determination of the peculiarities of work thereat, the business planning should be based on the market classification. When determining the market type, it should be characterized, i.e. specify the stage of the market development (a growth or decline trend), historical and economic reasons for the market existence, geographical location of the market (region and population density), market restrictions (economic, legal etc.) and so on.
— market structure determination – during the distribution market analysis, its structure shall be studied, i.e. the market segmentation shall be carried out, meaning the division of the total population of consumers by certain groups (segments) characterized by common needs, requirements for the product and purchase motifs. A reasonable selection of the market segment largely determines the success of the enterprise in its competition for the market. The practical use of segmentation techniques involves finding an optimal balance between the processes of product standardization and differentiation. The business plan outlines the major consumers and their segmentation principles, what attracts the typical buyer in this segment, and a range of the most attractive segments.
— market structure assessment — the goal of any market research is to evaluate the current market structure and to develop the market development forecast. At this stage, the number of customers in each of the selected segments is assessed, and the demand is measured. Also, the market size and the degree of demand satisfaction is determined. On the basis of these data, the most profitable segments for the enterprise, i.e. target markets, are determined.
— Selection of target segments — on the basis of market structure assessment data, the most profitable segments for the enterprise are selected. The segment can be considered promising, if it contains approximately 20% of this market customers purchasing 80% of products offered by the enterprise. It also explores the enterprise market position. For the first year of sales, this paragraph shall include:
— major consumers of the goods, details of orders for the goods, contracts, and written obligations of the enterprise;
— potential customers who have already expressed their interest in the goods;
— potential consumers, who have not yet expressed their interest in the product; it should be explained how the enterprise is going to attract them.
— market positioning — the business plan shall describe the steps of goods launch at the market and ensuring its competitive position in the segment, i.e. existence of the market positioning