Elaboration of the marketing development strategy

There is no standard form of the marketing development strategy, but in all cases it should contain specific information required to make decisions on the enterprise financing opportunities.
Each strategy has its special features, depending on the industry in which the entrepreneur starts operating and what capital he wants to get from a bank or investment company.
Regardless of the scope of business and characteristics of a company preparing the marketing strategy, one can note some standard steps to be passed consistently in its development:
— determination of the marketing strategy goal.
As a rule, the purpose of the marketing strategy is defined by a list of problems it is intended to address for the company.
— clear determination of the strategy executives circle.
It should be clear whether this strategy is being prepared for internal use by the enterprise personnel, or whether it is intended for study by the other persons whom the firm would like to become its investors, i.e. future shareholders, commercial banks, venture capitalists etc.
— Collection of information required by the Company for planning purposes.
At this stage, it is required to identify the sources of information required to develop the information strategy and accumulate a certain initial array of information to get started.
— Selection of the strategy structure and writing of the explanatory note.

Internal marketing

 The marketing specialists of our company will help you in carrying out activities aimed at the company development, and will create a plan of:
-The service culture development;
-Development of a marketing approach to human resource management;
-Dissemination of marketing information among employees;
-Introduction of the system of promotion and recognition of employees.
Strategic marketing
-Definition of objectives;
-Clarification of the company mission;
-Ensuring a balanced product portfolio structure;
— Elaboration of the development strategy.
-improvement of organizational structure;
-increased business activity (entering another market);
-launch of a new product at the old market;
-entering the new market segments with the goods new to the market and so on); decline in business activity (cessation of the sale of goods, which have ceased to yield a predetermined profit in this market;
— phasing-out of unprofitable goods;
— withdrawal from certain markets and focus on the most promising ones etc.);
-organization of the firm together with a foreign partner abroad;
-organization of the firm together with a foreign partner in our country;
-cooperation with a foreign company to enter the market which still has not been able to work successfully.
segmentation of markets, where a firm operates or is going to operate should be made so that the segments in various markets in general were characterized by the same response to the advertising, goods promotion and other marketing activities, i.e. had similar socio-psychological needs and characteristics;
— the optimal segment should be chosen, taking into account the ensuring of the fullest possible leadership of the firm (positive outlook, sufficient capacity, zero or minimal competition, meeting the unmet demands);
-the method of entering the market with a new product should more fully meet the consumers’ properties of the market capacity and product (segment), adequately reflect the firm reputation and awareness, as well as the scale of demand for the goods;
— when choosing the marketing tools to influence the potential buyer, it must be remembered that the price as a factor of attracting attention to the goods currently ranks 3rd or 4th among other factors by importance;
— the time of entering the market with a product new for it (in particular, when this product is seasonal) should be chosen carefully, not forgetting about the promotional preparation. One should not enter the market during unfavorable market conditions, when the company does not pursue the far-stretching goals and does not prepare buyers, anticipating a period of improved demand.

Marketing support for the project.

Our qualified specialists, who are trained and developed continuously, will provide a skilled marketing support of the project and will help you take all steps aimed at:
-More detailed study of the product to be launched in the market
-Performance of setting research
-Development of the product positioning for the market
-Development of the goods movement system
-Development of a specific program of marketing activities
-Implementation of the development program