About company

NORLAND history dates back to 2015. During this period, we have created and united a team of experienced professionals, capable of solving a variety of tasks. We are one of the leaders in the consulting services market.
We cooperate effectively with representatives of various sectors (trade, services, agriculture, processing, production).
The company offers to business owners and managers a range of services for business planning. Also, we help the customers develop financial and economic models, successfully launch the business from scratch and help with maintenance of start-up projects. Extensive experience of our employees enabled the company to earn a good reputation. Contact us and be sure to receive a high-quality support in the most problematic issues of business development.
Our experience, financial stability and sustainability of the Company, methods of market analysis and forecasting, are the pledges of a comfortable and efficient work of our partners and customers with us.
If you are looking for a reliable partner who can be entrusted the care for the development of your business, having freed yourself from a continuous process monitoring, our experts will help you at all stages of your business. We are professionals, absolutely confident in the result quality. Extensive experience gives us the right to consider ourelves experts.

Core activities of NORLAND:
— development of direct and indirect distribution segments
— professional support of food import to Israel
— establishment of collaboration with the largest retail chains
— provision of consulting and intermediary services
— creation and development of PR- technologies aimed at sales promotion
Our priorities are fast provision of our customers and partners with:
An extensive range of sought-after food
Flexible pricing system
Marketing and information support of customers
Commodity loans
Fast delivery at the time convenient for the customer
Company mission
— We provide our customers with the highest level of service, goods and services
— Scale, success and experience encourage us to use the best technology and develop the team on a continuous basis
— Following these principles, we invest the income from our business primarily in prosperity of our partners and professional growth of our employees
Company values
— Develop oneself and strengthen one’s division
— Build an open and honest relationship
— Doing more with less
— Internal customer focus
— Respect
— Mutual assistance when achieving the Company goals.