Rules of company

Attention — this is just a translation
Original version of the rules is in russian language only.
1) The rules come into force from the moment of expressing your consent with them, which arises at the first stage of contractual relations or use of any services of the Company Norland Systems Corporation number 515355014, Postal code: 3262732, on the one hand, and any legal entities and individuals on the other hand (hereinafter referred to as the client, clients, you), together referred to as the Parties accept these rules unconditionally.
1.1) Contractual relations mean a transaction, namely the agreement reached by the parties on mutual rights and obligations, the contractual obligation (i.e., these rights and obligations themselves) based on the transaction, and, in fact, the document in which the obligation is fixed.
2) In case if any aspects of interaction between the Parties are not specified in the Contract and the Appendix to the Contract (Contract, Agreement) or are contrary to the rules — then the provisions of these Rules are binding and of priority importance. The RULES is a form of the normative legal act, which establishes procedural regulations that determine the order for performance of any kind of activity.
2.1) Appendix to the contract is an addition to the contract clarifying or expanding its terms.
3) By visiting or using the Company’s website, having any contractual relations with it, using any device, the client accepts and agrees to comply with these Rules. These Rules describe the legal rights and obligations of the Parties. If the Client does not accept these Rules, there is a ban on visiting and using the Company’s website. In case the Client disagrees with any provisions of these Rules, — he is deprived of the right to contractual relations with the Company, and must not sign a contract with Company.
3.1) The Company’s name and logo are unregistered trademarks of the Company and may not be copied, imitated or used, in whole or in part, without prior written permission from the Company, except as provided by applicable law. In addition, all page headings, special graphics, button icons and fonts are service marks, trademarks and (or) corporate style of the Company’s products and may not be copied, imitated or used, in whole or in part, without prior written permission from the Company.
4) If the Client provides false information or the Company has reason to believe that the information provided by the Client is incomplete or unreliable, the Company has a right, at its discretion, to terminate unilaterally all kinds of relations with the Client.
5) In some cases, when the Company offers separate Contractual relations with separate terms and conditions, they apply in addition to these Rules for the use of services and facilities. In these cases, the Rules relating to these relations should not conflict with these Rules.
6) The Client may have contractual relations with the Company if he has all rights necessary for this. The Client is responsible for safety and non-disclosure of any terms of cooperation with the Company to other third parties.
7) You agree not to slander, harass, molest, insult, threaten, not impersonate other individuals or legal entities or intimidate such persons, and also undertake not to publish personal or confidential information through the Services or other facilities of the Company including, without exception, information on credit cards, social security number or other national identity card, personal phone number or personal e-mail address belonging to you, another person, or the Company.
7.1) The parties understand that the Company is a consulting, intermediary one, it is not directly the final buyer of the clients’ product, but is a connecting link between clients and third parties whom it finds, charging its intermediary interest for it.
Consulting is a type of intellectual activity, the main task of which is to analyze, substantiate prospects for development and use of scientific, technical, organizational and economic innovations, taking into account the subject area and problems of a client.
Consulting solves issues of managerial, economic, financial, investment activities of organizations, strategic planning, optimization of company’s overall functioning, conducting business, researching and forecasting sales markets, price movements, etc. In other words, consulting is any help provided by external consultants in solving a particular problem.
The main purpose of consulting is to improve quality of management, improve efficiency of the company as a whole and increase individual productivity of each employee.
8) You may not use the Company’s Services for any illegal or unauthorized purposes. You agree to comply with all laws, rules and regulations (federal, state, regional and local laws, or their equivalents, depending on the country of use of the Services) applicable to the use of the Company’s Services and your materials, including but not limited to copyright. Copyright is a set of legal norms regulating property and personal non-property rights and obligations arising in connection with creation and use of works of science, literature and art, intellectual property, and so on
9) You are independently and unconditionally liable to third parties for your actions related to use and provision of the Company’s Service and Facilities, including, if such actions result in violation of rights and legitimate interests of third parties, as well as for compliance with the law when using the Company’s Service and Facilities in your country.
9.1) You are prohibited from using and/or transmitting by means of private messages and e-mails text messages, graphic images or other materials, the contents of which are offensive to the Company and any other persons or may be regarded as such, as well as messages, images and other materials that discredit the Company or other persons, contain threats, calls for violence, committing unlawful acts, antisocial, immoral acts, as well as committing any other actions, against basics of law, order and morality. In case of violation of these Rules, communication with you and providing you with the Company’s services will be terminated by the unilateral decision of the Company.
10) You use the Company’s services and facilities at your own risk. The Company’s services and facilities, Appendices and Contracts are provided «as is». The Company does not assume any responsibility, including for compliance of services and facilities that meet your desires and purposes. Risk is probability of possible undesirable loss of something under a bad coincidence.
10.1) Clients do not have right to remove separate phrases, sentences, clauses from general context and use them in their own interests, because these Rules, company’s appendices and contracts may only be perceived as a single whole. The Parties agree that in case if any materials are used in court, all the Company’s contracts may be considered exclusively with these rules and appendices to them, if any.
11) You are solely responsible for your actions and any data, texts, files, information, user names that you use when obtaining and during provision of Services, or using other services of the Company.
12) You agree not to modify, edit, adapt or alter Services, nor modify, edit or interpret these Rules in any way that misrepresent their nature, principles or functions.
13) You must not create or send e-mails, comments, any information that causes concern to the Company along with other persons, and violate the Company’s Rules in any way, the terms of the Contracts and Appendices — otherwise the Company reserves the right to terminate provision of all Services without any compensation.
14) By using or providing services to the Company, you are clearly aware that the Company provides information about itself on its website in the required amount, while it may not be responsible for problems with domains, hosting, and others that may arise for any reason, excluding fault of the Company. Domain is a special part of hierarchical namespace on the Internet that is services by centrally administered DNS set. The domain itself is identified by its name.
A domain name is the address of network connection, with which you can identify the owner of such address.
Furthermore, you acknowledge and accept the fact that the Company has a right to ignore any written inquiries sent not to the e-mail , except in cases where there is a decision of the court forcing to give an answer or if the Company has committed an offense (confirmed by official document of corresponding body).
15) Current version of the Rules is a public document accessible to any Internet user. The Company has a right to amend these Rules. When amending the Rules, the Company informs users about this by posting a new version of the Rules on the Company’s Website. Previous versions of the Rules may be stored in the Company’s documentation archive. Hosting is a service for placing someone else’s website on their web server, or someone else’s web server on their own “ground”, i.e., providing Internet connection and maintenance.
15.1) You can find previous versions of the Rules that are not currently in effect in Google’s web cache. Reliability of information provided is guaranteed by the largest company in the world (Google), therefore, when using and submitting materials in court, the Company will use this data, and its clients will recognize the authenticity of all information provided from this source of information.
Cache is an array of computer’s scratch-pad memory, which is a buffer between a fairly slow system memory and a processor. In this array, the data with which the processor is currently running is stored. When the power is turned off, this memory is not saved. Caching is accumulation of data in RAM for its rapid extraction as needed. Caching accelerates processing of information.
16) The Company has a right to provide and receive any services that are consistent with current legislation, and to accept any modifications and/or addition of new services that are or may be necessary for correct fulfillment of obligations and exercise of its rights, and are or will be necessary to fulfill requirements of these Rules.
17) These Rules are placed on the Company’s Website. If there is a conflict between these Rules and the Contract with the Company, the said Rules apply. The Company reserves the right to change the Company’s Rules, Appendices and any contents of website without address notification of clients, agents and partners of the company. At the same time, clients are required to periodically monitor any changes of the Company’s website at least 1 (once) every 2 (two) days. The Company agrees that if the Contract and automatic acceptance of the rules was signed before these changes, then the rules, appendices and contents of which were posted on the website at the time of signing the Contract are applicable to the Contract. In case if you do not agree with this provision of the Rules, you are obliged to stop using and providing the Company’s services by terminating the Contract and officially notifying on the company’s official mail indicated on the Company’s website. In addition, in any disagreement with any clause of these Rules, its general content, spirit, purposes, objectives, etc. — you must not sign contracts with the Company and use its services.
17.1) Refusal in any form from the Company’s services, Contractual, partnership or any other relations with the Company under the Client Initiative — means that the Client refuses any claims to the Company, its agents and affiliated persons, and does not claim any kind of compensation, as services were provided by the Company at no cost.
18) By visiting the Website, signing the Contract with the Company, registering and using the Website or any services and facilities of the Company you express your agreement with these Rules and undertake to comply with them, having been acquainted with responsibility in case of their violation. The Company may use some common terms, indicating in non-standard situations their definition in these rules.
19) In case of your disagreement with these Rules — the use of the website and any services of the Company shall be terminated immediately. Payment for services (if they are paid) provided to you or received from you is strictly in accordance with the Contract with the Company and you agree that it is fair and reasonable.
19.1) The parties agreed that the term “Service” means: purchase or sale of anything by the Company, provision of intermediary or any other consulting services, advice, provisions of any information, assistance in anything. The parties understand that this interpretation of the term “Service” is not generally accepted; however, this does not affect clients’ decision to accept this interpretation as received.
20) You agree that all the Company’s Rules, services and terms of use of the website, the Company’s services and other information placed on the Company’s Website and other Internet resources are made in accordance with all your wishes and purposes from the moment of signing the Contract. Otherwise, you are not obliged to sign the Contract. You acknowledge that all the above details and information do not require additional knowledge, interpretations, and certain experience for understanding any other specific tools and tools that are not available to you.
21) Violation by you of these Rules and other terms of use of the Services is the ground for termination of the Contract concluded with you on a basis of unilateral decision of the Company. You express understanding and agreement that the Company may not be and is not responsible for the materials provided by you, in turn, you use the website and services of the Company at your own risk. If you violate any of the terms of these Rules, or expose the Company to a particular risk, and if there is a possibility of legal prosecution of the Company — the Company has a right to partially or completely restrict you with provision of services and facilities of the Company.
21.1) Due to the fact that the Company is foreign and operates on the international market in various jurisdictions, it is not in a position to conduct timely monitoring of changes in local legislation. In this regard, you, before signing the Contract in your country, are required to conduct its verification and legal expertise or its analogue for legality and compliance with all regulations of local legislation in the Client’s country, including with involvement of any other third persons, while having all necessary opportunities. You bear full responsibility for compliance of terms of signed Contract, these rules, terms of the transaction with the Company with all regulations of local legislation in your country. If it is found that the terms of the Contract and these Rules do not comply with regulations of local legislation, you are obliged not to sign the Contract with the Company and use its services, as well as provide services to it. Thus, by signing the Contract with the Company, you confirm that this Contract, as well as all the Rules and Services used by the Company under this Contract, are legal, necessary, not causing any doubt and fair for you. Moreover, to analyze these rules, terms of the transaction, and appendices of the company, Clients must engage lawyers or legal companies that can fully evaluate these documents.
21.2) The Company’s clients are informed and do not object that all negotiations, messages and other types of communication with the Company’s representatives are recorded on the Company’s servers and can be used at its discretion without agreement with the client.
22) Partners, Agents and Clients, and any third parties grant the Company the right to change, terminate the Services and any other facilities or restrict your access to the Services for any reason, without warning, at any time and without incurring obligations to you, except for the cases when the services are paid and the Client has not received the Company’s paid service.
22.1) By using terms “Distribution”, “Sale”, the Parties understand them as any activity related to promotion of the goods.
23) The Company reserves the right to unilaterally change these Rules from time to time. You agree that the Company may notify you of changes by posting them on the Website. Your use of Services after the entry into force of changes (within a period not exceeding 5 days) means your acceptance of changes.
24) You must read these Rules before using the Services. Changes will come into effect from the moment of their publication or from any date that may be indicated in the changes, and from this moment the Rules will be applicable to the use of Services and other our facilities. When resolving disputed issues arising prior to the entry into force of the changes, we shall follow these Rules.
25) Partners, clients or agents of the Company recognize and agree that the Company may have unregistered trademarks, brands, domains. At the same time, the Company notifies its partners, agents or clients about their availability by signing documents on its behalf by trusted persons.
26) The Company may carry out its activities through foreign partner legal entities or individuals, through conclusion of Contracts with them, or conclusion of oral arrangements. However, the Company’s rules apply to these oral arrangements. All meaningful arrangements for users or service providers must be recorded in the Contract between them, which implies automatic acceptance of these Rules.
26.1) You acknowledge and understand that the Company, by providing intermediary services in search for Companies — foreign manufacturers, distributors and other interested persons — is entitled to enter into an unlimited number of contracts for any amount. At the same time, the Company’s Clients realize that the Company is not directly intended to purchase this product, but there is a desire to offer (assign) in various form these contracts concluded by it to third parties for the percentage established by the Company. At the same time, clients clearly understand that this contract may not be implemented, not performed by the Company for a number of reasons (such as: changes in market conditions, fluctuations in exchange rate, changes in the political or economic situation in the country of distribution of goods or lack of opportunity to find a client that would agree to buy the goods of this manufacturer or distributor, and other reasons). All the clients and partners of the Company are aware and unconditionally accept these conditions, while assessing likely risk and contingent associated costs. Nevertheless, the Company will make efforts for further fulfillment of the contract.
26.2) The Parties understand that the conditions described in the “Contract on exclusive distribution of products” signed with manufacturers or distributors are introductory, for general information and fix only the right of the Company to receive exclusive distribution rights. These types of Contracts should not be treated in any other way than the Contracts on granting exclusive rights. The Party 2 removes any responsibility from the Party 1 regarding the need to purchase goods of the Party 2 and other obligations related to the purchase of goods of the Party 2.
26.3) The Parties understand that all listed services on the website, including those not specified, are provided by the Company not directly, but using third parties, while the Company may charge them a specified percentage for mediation.
27) You are solely and ultimately responsible for your interaction with other users, use of the Services, both on the Internet and outside it. You agree that the Company shall not be responsible for the actions of any user of its Services. The company is not obliged, but reserves the right to monitor conflicts between you and other users of services, and also to interfere with them. Using the services of the Company, you must always rely on common sense and reason when interacting with other individuals and legal entities.
28) You must, before signing the Contract with the Company, fully read its contents, appendices, other information about the Company, these Rules available on the website specified in the details of the contract — otherwise you are not obliged to sign the Contract, and have a right to immediately terminate the use of Services of the Company.
29) In case of violation of any of the terms of the Company’s Rules, the Company is released from all obligations to provide the Services, as well as any other terms of signed Contract, without refunding paid amount (if service provision is paid), and you agree that you do not have any claims to the Company.
You and the Company have reached an agreement on all essential terms of concluded Contract and compliance with these Rules, and believe that these rules were drawn up taking into account your interest and without infringing your rights.
30) You are obligated to check all information received by you, either oral or written, before using the Company’s services or providing services to the Company. In case you do not have such an opportunity — you are not obliged to use the services of the Company or provide services to the Company. At the same time, when signing the Contract with the Company, you confirm that you have completely checked all oral and written information, and its content suits you.
31) Your interaction and any relations with any third parties, found with the help of the Services provided by the Company, concern only you and a third party.
31.1.) Partners, clients and agents of the Company acquainted with content of the website of the Company understand and realize that since the Company is foreign, minor stylistic and grammatical inaccuracies may be allowed in the content of the website, and they do not object to this.
32) You may, at your own risk and solely by your decision, use the services of the Company strictly in accordance with the requirements of applicable law. You agree that you are responsible for all costs that might result from the use or provision of the Services, including those arising from involvement of any third parties on recommendation of the Company.
32.1) You grant the Company an unconditional right to assign your rights and obligations at its discretion to third parties, while removing any responsibility from the Company for further fulfillment of these obligations.
33) The Company may demand the right to any Materials provided by you in the course of using the Services. You provide the Company with an exclusive, fully paid and not implying payment of author’s fee, allowing transfer and sublicense, valid in all countries permission to use the Materials provided by you, in accordance with the legislation on the use of information.
34) You agree that the Company on your behalf may post any advertisements and promotions in the course of providing the Services, at its discretion, without consulting you. The manner, type, scale of demonstration of such advertisements and promotions may change without notifying you.
34.1) Terms of cooperation with the Company are strictly confidential for its clients. Clients do not have right to disclose these terms of the contract, rules, correspondence and any other information to third parties not involved in the processes specified in the contract. If this condition is not met, the Company has a right to refuse to cooperate with such Client. At the same time, the Company does not have any obligations to him, including financial ones.
35) During provision and receipt by the Company of any Services, you agree to grant it unconditional right to negotiate on your behalf and on your instructions with third parties in order to perform these services. The Company has a right to decide whether to exercise this right or not.
36) When restructuring and any other changes in the company, it can transfer all of its rights and obligations to any third party, without bearing responsibility for fulfilling obligations to it. Clients understand this need and accept the conditions, realizing all the consequences and actions at their own peril and risk.
37) The company has a right (but does not have to use it) to change the list of services provided to you at its discretion, and you agree that the condition is fair to you. The fundamental principle of this appendix is the “right of choice”, Clients, in case of dissatisfaction with any clause of these rules of the company or the contract “have the right not to sign the contract” with the Company and not to use its services. In case if Clients sign the contract, thereby they recognize the importance of each separate clause of the contract for both Companies, accepting them without changes, with all positive aspects and possible shortcomings.
38) You agree that the place where the Service Contract is entered into is the place of registration of the Company. The Company has a right and opportunity to conduct any activity under the concluded Contract before its signing and payment (if provision of services is paid) on the basis of preliminary arrangements with you and need to implement these Rules.
39) You acknowledge and warrant that you have a legal right and legal capacity to accept these Rules and appendices that apply to you within your jurisdiction.
39.1) The Company has a right to request from the client a statement of his bank account for the last year, sealed and signed by bank, in order to ensure that the client is solvent (time limit for providing this statement is not more than 1 month from the date of receipt of the request to the Client). The client should have at least 150 (one hundred fifty percent) of the amount specified in the contract on his account, regardless of who is the payer under it. A gross violation of these rules will be the Client’s refusal to provide the listed data.
40) By using, visiting the company’s website and signing the Contract, you confirm that the Contract and the Appendix to the Contract are fair for all, made in compliance with all necessary requirements taking into account your wishes and interests.
41) The Company may, at its discretion, provide missing or additional Services in order to maintain its business reputation within three years from the date of signing the Contract, regardless of the subject of the Contract and deadlines indicated therein.
42) Main language of these Company’s Rules and Appendices is Russian language. All versions of these legal acts, documents and other information provided in any other language are secondary. The Client should not rely on translation provided on the Company’s website (for informational purposes), as it may contain inaccuracies of translation, be incomplete, incorrect after the translation, do not correspond to the original in Russian, or do not have up-to-date updates and additions to these Rules and Annex. Client must independently or with the involvement of any qualified third party translate all information from the website, as well as the Company’s rules, appendices (hereinafter referred to as translation). Thus, the Client assumes full responsibility for correspondence of translation with the original in Russian.
43) Inaction on the part of the Company in case of violation by you or other persons of these Rules does not deprive the Company of the right to take appropriate actions in defense of its interests later, at any time and at its discretion. Moreover, this does not mean that the Company waives its rights in case of such violations on your part.
44) These rules unconditionally apply to all oral, written, and retransmitted by partner third parties arrangements and all other information obtained as a result of interaction with the Company. These rules, as well as all information is transparent, absolutely accessible and verifiable, and from the moment of signing the contract with the Company — you acknowledge it.
45) The Parties are aware, understand and agree that the “Agreement on exclusive distribution of products” and other similar contracts signed by the Company or its authorized representatives contain a provision that the Parties undertake to read, read and accept all the Company’s Contracts, these rules in conjunction with the Contract, perceiving them as a single whole.
This provision is fundamental in the Company’s business. In cases where the Parties do not find this clause in the document to be signed by them, they should not sign it.
46) Despite the fact that the Company strives for maximum accessibility of its Services, in some cases performance of any Services may be suspended due to scheduled maintenance or update, emergency repair or malfunction of telecommunications networks and (or) equipment. In addition, the Company reserves the right to delete any Materials related to provision of the Services for any reason without prior notice. However, deleted Materials may still be held by the Company for purposes that include, but are not limited to, compliance with certain legal obligations. These Materials may not be accessed without a valid court decision. Based on this, you must periodically (at least once every 20 days) keep copies of your Materials (these Rules and Appendices to them). You also acknowledge that the Internet may be subject to security breaches, and uploading of Materials or other information may be unsafe.
47) In case of your disagreement with any terms of the Contract or these Rules, changes in the Contract made in the specified order, you must immediately stop using all services provided under the changed Contract without any claims to the Company. The Contract may be extended for a while by mutual agreement of both Parties, in case you need additional time for obtaining necessary services, with a separate payment stipulated in a separate Contract.
Except as provided in the current legislation, any Materials with respect to you along with the Company are not confidential or proprietary. We are not responsible for any use or promulgation of the Materials. Moreover, the Company does not have any obligations regarding confidentiality of your Materials and no responsibility for use or promulgation of any materials provided by you.
49) List and terms of receipt and provision of the Company’s services are specified in the Contract and placed in these Rules, mutually complementing each other. All users and representatives of the services from the moment of signing the contract with the Company confirm that they were not subjected to any pressure, as well as attempts to mislead, because signing of contracts between signatories is made remotely. All signatories of contracts with the company have enough time to familiarize themselves with these rules, appendix, the contract and the general terms of the transaction with the company, as well as checking all necessary information about the Company and information they receive from it. If the client does not agree with this statement, he should not sign the contract with the Company.
50) The Contract concluded between you and the company does not provide for the Certificate of Completed Work, therefore you agree that the Certificate of Completed Work is replaced by a receipt of payment for the Company’s services by you confirming full satisfaction with quality, volumes and essence of the work performed on provision of the Company’s Services (in the case , if the service is paid).
51) In accordance with its policy, the Company does not accept or consider materials, information, ideas, recommendations or other materials other than those that have been separately requested and to which individual conditions, rules and requirements may apply. This is necessary to avoid any misunderstandings in case your ideas are similar to those already developed or being developed by us independently of you. Accordingly, the Company does not accept materials or ideas that have not been requested; it is not responsible for any materials or ideas transmitted in this way. If, despite our Rules, you decide to send us materials, information, ideas, recommendations or other materials, you agree that the Company may use any such materials, information, ideas, recommendations or other materials for any purpose, including, but not limited to development and promotion of products and services, without bearing any responsibility to you and without making any payments for your information.
52) Throughout the term of this Contract, these Rules and during the course of cooperation, the Company has a right to initiate any activity under this Contract aimed at providing you with the quality of the Services in full. If case you require Services and payment under bill not provided for in the signed Contract and Appendix to it, a separate Contract is required with a separate payment for additional services listed therein must be signed.
52.1) The Parties consider that in case if court recognizes a clause of the rules as invalid, this will not affect the applicability of the remainder and acceptance of these rules as a whole.
53) In case of repeated violation of rights of any other third parties, the Company may block provision of the Services, if it considers it expedient and necessary. The Company, in connection with the performance of obligations stipulated in the Contract and these Rules, may involve any third parties for the performance of this Contract, including for the performance of any financial transactions, at its discretion.
53.1) The Parties provide the Company with an unconditional right to refuse to perform the Company’s obligations to the other Party without any compensation and claims in case if users or service providers at least once violated any of the terms of these rules and the signed Contract, while the Company itself determines whether to exercise this right or not.
53.2) The Company may have only employees represented by the Company’s Director and the accountant. All other individuals and legal entities may cooperate with the Company only on the basis of the Contract on provision or receipt of services.
53.3.) The Company’s director and/or owner bear all responsibility for the Company’s activities, assuming full responsibility for the services received or provided.
54) All Company’s Services, including materials previously received in the course of the activity, are provided by the Company “as is”, “In the form in which they exist” and “with all shortcomings”.
According to the law, neither the Company, nor its employees or agents (hereinafter referred to as the Parties of the Company) have the right to make any formal statements, give official guarantees or confirmations regarding: A) Services of the Company; B) Materials and documentation of the Company; B) Materials provided by third parties; D) Security of information transfer to the Company during provision of the Services. Furthermore, the Parties of the Company refuse from any guarantees, direct or indirect, including but not limited to guarantee of merchantability for any other purpose, observance of rights to ownership and individual use, trade, use of right.
55) The Parties of the Company do not announce or guarantee the absence of errors or any delays in provision of the Services and any other services of the Company, as well as correction of defects. The Parties of the Company do not represent and do not guarantee accuracy, completeness and usefulness of information (including any instructions), as well as the Services provided by the Company. You acknowledge that you use the Services at your own risk. The Parties of the Company do not guarantee legality of using the Service by you in any particular country or on any particular territory, expressly waiving such guarantees. In some countries, waiver of indirect or other guarantees is not permitted or excluded, therefore the above-mentioned waiver may not apply to you to the extent that the laws of such country or territory apply to you and these Rules. By visiting the Company’s website or using the Company’s Services, you represent and guarantee that your actions are not contrary to the law in each country and territory where you access or use the website or Services.
In case of discrepancy between these Rules and content of the website with the legislation of your country, you are obliged to inform immediately about it at the e-mail indicated on the Company’s website, and the Company will try to immediately correct the mistake or completely suspend provision of the Service.
56) The parties have agreed that the Company expressly disclaims any responsibility to any individuals or legal entities for any loss, damage (actual or any other), injury, claim, liability, or other situation of any kind and character caused by the use of any of the Company’s Services.
56.1) Partners of the Company recognize and do not object to the fact that the Company’s telephone numbers, addresses of representative offices and representatives can be changed without warning, but the Company undertakes not to change its legal address and e-mail address without notifying clients and partners of the Company about this by placing relevant changes on this website in order to continue communication with partners.
57) Under no circumstances will employees, agents, and any affiliated persons of the Company be responsible for the performance of the Services by the Company as a whole, as they are not ultimate beneficiaries and cannot have complete and reliable information about the Company, its activities and purposes .
Employees, agents, affiliates of the Company act on the basis of personal contracts, agreements between the parties — witnesses of which they may be, as well as these rules of the Company, which, in the opinion of all signatories, are legitimate and correspond to their interests.
57.1) The Parties understand and agree that the website of the Company may be blocked by state bodies, domain owners, hosting companies and other bodies and persons who are not subject to the Company and act against the will of the Company. Therefore, you must print out these rules with the signing of the contract with the Company and store them together with the Contracts with the Company.
58) You agree that in the event of any damage, loss or injury, as a result of acts or omissions by the Company, the damage, if any, caused to you, is not irreparable or sufficient to obtain an injunction preventing the use of the service and/or operation of the website, property, products of the Company, which are owned or controlled by the Parties of the Company. You will not be able to prohibit or restrict development, production, distribution, advertising, demonstration of the product, or use of any website, Services, property, or other materials owned or controlled by the parties of the Company.
59) By signing the Contract with the Company, accepting the Appendix to the Contract, visiting this website and using the Services of the Company in full or in part, you realize that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions of Cooperation with the Company and express refusal of the advantages provided by regulations of the current legislation in the field of protecting your rights as a consumer (or its analogue, depending on the country) of the Company’s Services. Jurisdiction of these Rules, contracts, Appendices of the Company and other regulations is Switzerland. All disputes must be resolved only in the courts of Switzerland in accordance with Swiss law. Clients of the Company should study legislation of this country or involve a lawyer, who is aware of these issues, before signing the contract with the Company, or not sign the Contract and do not use the Company’s services.
60) By signing this Contract, referring to the website and using the Services of the Company, you have confirmed that you have read and agree with all the Rules, Conditions, the Appendix to the Contract set forth in them. You have no remarks and additions to the Contract with the Company, Appendices to the Contract and these Rules. Moreover, you confirm the date and time of signing the Contract along with the fact that you have fully understood the meaning and essence of the Contract and these Rules concluded with the Company, being in a clear mind and sober memory, in accordance with requirements of current legislation. All Appendices to the concluded Contract, including the Rules, which are on the Company’s website, are its integral part. The Contract, these Rules, and all other materials of the website do not contain inaccurate interpretations, in turn, all your rights and interests were fully taken into account.
60.1) Before accepting these Terms, Contract and Appendix to the Contract, you are required to study legislation of the country of incorporation of the Company and requirements to Contracts, Appendices and Rules for providing Services you need. In case of impossibility to do this for any reasons, you should not sign any Contracts with the Company, and also use its Services or provide them to it.
60.2) If you are a person who intends to sign the Agreement with the Company, you must carefully read and accept the Annex, which is under this link. If you do not accept this Annex, you must not sign the Agreement with the Company.
61) The Company does not have, does not recognize and does not sign Contracts, which do not include provisions that the Contract is an integral part of the appendix and the Company’s Rules that are listed on the Company’s website.
62) The Company is not responsible for actions, materials, information or data of third parties, and you release the Company, its directors, officers, employees and agents from any responsibility for any damage, apparent or hidden, arising from any of your claims against any third parties or related to any of your claims against them, and undertake to use the services of the Company at your own risk and peril, knowing that provision of the Company’s services can lead you to possible undesirable or unpredictable consequences.
63) All written and oral, any other arrangements between you and the Company, as well as all information received before signing of the Contract and automatic acceptance of the Rules not specified in the Contract with the Company and its Rules and Appendices — upon its signing, loses its validity and It is considered to be insignificant for you and being of no importance when providing services stipulated in the Contract. Also, you and the Company have agreed that these Rules and the Contract, the Appendix to the Contract contain no vague or ambiguous provisions. You have no complaints about style, form and structure of the Contract concluded with the company, Appendix to the Contract and these Rules.
64) You (and any third party on whose behalf you act when using the Company’s Services) agree to protect (upon request from the Company), indemnify and hold harmless the Parties of the Company from any prosecution in case of claims, liability or damage, loss or expense , including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees arising or in any way related to any of the following factors (including as a result of your direct actions relating to the Services or any other action on your behalf): (1) by your Materials or access to the Services, their use; (2) violation or suspected violation on your part of these Terms and Conditions of Use of the Company’s Services; (3) violation on your part of rights of any third party, including, but not limited to, intellectual property, publicity, confidentiality, property or privacy rights; (4) violation on your part of any laws, rules, norms, codes, legislative acts, regulations or orders of any governmental or related bodies, including, without limitation, all regulatory, administrative and legislative bodies; or (5) any distortion of facts on your part. You agree to cooperate at the appropriate level required by the Company to defend it against any claims. The Company reserves the right to carry out exclusive protection and control of any situation requiring compensation from you, and you agree not to make any claims under any circumstances without the prior written consent of the Company.