Traditional PR-services are a range of services according to the agreements aimed at addressing the long-term objectives. Usually, it is a monthly subscription fee for a number of classic services, such as consulting, development of a communication plan, support, work with journalists in the «press office» format, lobbying the customer’s interests in the media, monitoring of publications etc.
Our company provides:
— development and implementation of strategic, conceptual solutions, i.e. development of the key messages, positioning adjustment, tool selection, plan creation, script writing
-holding of press events, e.g. press conferences, briefings, presentations, round tables, press breakfasts, press cocktails, brunches, lunches, dinners and meetings.
-organization of special events for the target audience of the customer, e.g. b2b meetings, corporate events, auctions, congresses, gala parties, original events
— implementation of comprehensive projects
-anticrisis solutions, i.e. prompt response, adoption of a number of counter-measures to level or minimize the effects, use of the situation for the customer’s benefit.