development of marketing strategy

A standard form of marketing development strategy does not exist, but in all cases it must contain specific information necessary to make a decision on the possibility of financing the enterprise.

Each strategy has its own special features depending on the sphere in which the entrepreneur starts to work, what capital he wants to get from the Bank or investment company.

Regardless of the sphere of activity and features of the company, preparing a marketing strategy, it is possible to note several standard stages that need to be passed consistently in its development:

– Definition of the purpose of the marketing strategy.

As a rule, the purpose of a marketing strategy is determined by the list of problems that it is intended to solve for the company.

– A clear definition of the range of implementers of the strategy.

It should be clearly understood whether this strategy is being prepared for internal use by the staff of the enterprise or whether it is intended to be studied by other persons whom the firm would like to see as its investors — future shareholders, commercial banks, venture capitalists, etc.

– Collection of information required by The company for planning.

At this stage, it is necessary to identify the sources of information necessary for the development of the strategy and to accumulate a certain starting array of information to get started.

– Choice of strategy structure and direct writing of explanatory note text.

Internal marketing

Marketing specialists of our company will help you in carrying out the actions directed on development of the company, namely will create the plan:

-Creating a culture of service;

– Development of marketing approach to personnel management;

– Dissemination of marketing information to employees;

– Introduction of a system of encouragement and recognition of employees.

Strategic marketing

– Definition of objectives;

– Clarification of the company’s mission;

– Ensuring a balanced product portfolio structure;

– Development strategy development.

– improvement of the organizational structure;

– increase in business activity (penetration into another market;

– introduction to the old market of new goods;

– penetration into new market segments with the goods of market novelty, and so on); decrease in business activity (termination of the sale of goods that have ceased to give a predetermined profit in this market;

– curtailing the production of unprofitable goods;

– leaving certain markets and focusing on the most promising and so on);

– organization of the firm, joint with a foreign partner, abroad;

– organization of the firm, joint with a foreign partner, in our country;

– cooperation with a foreign company to enter markets where it has not been possible to work successfully.

segmentation of the markets in which the firm intends to operate or is already operating should be made so that segments in different markets generally have the same reaction to advertising, product promotion and other marketing activities, i.e. have similar sociopsychological needs and characteristics;

– the choice of the optimal segment should be carried out, taking into account the provision of the company with the fullest possible leadership (favorable prospects, sufficient capacity, zero or even minimum competition, satisfaction of unmet needs);

– the method of entering the market with a new product should more fully meet the needs of the market capacity and the properties of the product (segment) , adequately reflect the reputation and fame of the company and the scale of the need for the product;

— when selecting marketing tools influence on a potential buyer should be remembered that the price as a factor in attracting attention to the product is now put on the importance of 3-4 place among other factors;

– it is necessary to carefully select the time of entry into the market with a new product for him (especially when this product is seasonal) and do not forget about advertising training: you do not need to enter the market during adverse conditions, when the company does not pursue far-reaching goals and does not prepare its customers, anticipating a period of improving demand.

Marketing support of the project.

Our qualified specialists who are constantly trained and developed, diligently will provide marketing support of the project, and will help to take all measures aimed at:

– More detailed acquaintance with the product, which will be put on the market

– Conducting of establishing studies

– Product positioning development for the market

– Building of commodity circulation system

– Development of a specific marketing action program

– Implementation of the development program